Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Ultimate Diet Post

Food determines how big you are. If you consume more calories than you expend, you will get bigger. If you consume fewer calories than you expend, you will get smaller. If you meet your maintenance needs, you will stay the same. Regardless of your metabolism, body composition, genetics, or whatever, your body must obey the laws of physics and biological imperatives. Now, your calorie needs can change over time. But in the end, it really is calories in and calories out. Everything else is just fiddling around the edges of this basic fact.

As this is my first post I'd like to state that my blog will be about supplying this type of simplistic, direct and honest information about fitness.

That was my first post ever on Blogger, as its my 6 month anniversary for joining this website. I'd like to go back to my roots and post some simple, effective and factual weight loss advice.

1. Drink Water, no seriously:

Two thirds of your bodyweight is made up of water. Water is vital because it gives us the ability to absorb nutrients from food and transfer them throughout the body. Additionally water is excellent for fighting cravings, by making you feel fuller and therefore eating less. Next time you feel a snack coming on, down a glass of water and see how you feel.

2. Lift & Run:

Far to many people make the mistake of doing to much cardio and not hitting the weights enough (THIS INCLUDES WOMEN). If your only doing cardio and not eating enough then yes, you will lose weight. However, you will also lose muscle and lots of it. Making you overall look more flabby than you were to start with in some cases. A balance of lifting and cardio will leave you with a lower body-fat percentage whilst also toning your entire body due to the increase in muscle mass.
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3. Miscellaneous Hints

Lots of vegetables
Focus on traditionally prepared food
Find some way to actually stick to doing these

To summarise this post, I'm going to post a few informational pictures that you can bookmark and some motivational videos.

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Thats all from me for now folks, have a look around my site for more info/motivation.
Id say take it easy, but screw that. Go & train.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Repetition Training FAQ

The following article is to help you decide how many reps you should be doing on your routine based on what your goals for the routine are.

1-5 Reps = Strength.
For example, if your trying to get your max bench up, then you want to be putting a weight on that you can only do 1-5 reps with (Ideally 5)

7-12 Reps = Muscle Mass
Twelve reps provides the ideal hypertrophy for rapid muscle growth

15+ Reps = Endurance
If you want you your muscle to be able to repeat the same motion for a long period of time without tiring out, then 15+ is for you. For example, if your a runner: 15+ reps on a leg press implemented into your training will prove beneficial

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Thanks for reading, be sure to check out the rest of my site for more fitness information, motivation and tips.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Exersises to Promote Rapid Muscle Growth

Squats, Dips, Bench, Pull ups.

A tree can only be as big as its base. By doing squats you are expanding your legs and glutes, which are the base for all movement in athletics and day to day life. Working the largest muscle in your body will also earn you a slight increase in testosterone and human growth hormone, Which will both increase your ability to pack on muscle to your UPPER BODY. Everybody wants a big upper body. Shoulders, arms and chest can all benefit greatly out of doing exercises on your legs, as all bodybuilders know far to well, as it can result in a rapid growth of muscles.
Click here to see a tutorial on squatting.

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If done correctly dips have the ability to train your 'show' muscles. Show muscles are the ones that pop out when you wear a shirt. Guys with 'show' muscles are the guys that get instantly noticed by everybody as that 'fit, strong and manly' gentleman. The show muscles are located in your; chest, arms and shoulders. Now, why do dips? Because they effetely train all of your show muscles. That's right, all of them. Think of a dip as a push up on juice and cocaine. You should be doing these at least once a week.

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Similar to dips, bench will work your 'show' muscles. Make sure you are progressively loading your bench weight if you are a beginner (slowly increasing the weight you push up by .5-1kg per week) You'll be putting up three-fidy in no time.

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Pull ups:
I want you to fold your arms and put your fist behind you biceps. Notice, your bicep looks bigger than normal, that is because your fist is pushing it out. Now imagine if your arms looked like this all the time, pretty sweet right? Well that's the beauty of pull ups. By training your lats (which is very beneficial by itself) your lats will eventually get wider and you'll be able to press them against the inside of your arm thus pushing your triceps (which makes of 60-70% of your arms total muscle mass. Consider this an optical illusion. Not necessarily one of the 'best' exercises but a damn good addition with an excellent perk for the average Joe, and the average Joe who wants rapid muscle growth.

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Tutorials on all these exercises coming soon!
It is important to add that just exercise alone will not be enough to give you a growth of muscle from nowhere. You will also need; Diet, Commitment and a good routine (including these exercises mentioned above obviously)

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Essential Information Your Body Isn't Telling You!

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If your craving a certain food, read this chart and find a healthy alternative!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Your new shopping list

In my opinion, everybody gets impractical when it comes to diet. In fact, there's a billion dollar industry surrounding diet programs, detox's, fads & pills.

But this industry has nothing to do with fitness, it is more related to laziness .

Go to the shop, Buy everything on this shopping list. If there's no junk in your house, the majority of the time you wont be able to eat junk. Simple.

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