Sunday, 23 October 2011

Creatine FAQ

Creatine is one of the most talked about supplements in bodybuilding to date, but what is it really?

Creatine is a nutrient naturally found in all our bodies. It is a combination of 3 amino acids; arginine, glycine and methionine. Creatine helps provide the energy our muscles need to move, particularly quick and explosive movements. Muscle contraction is initially fuelled by ATP (adenosine-triphosphate).

Basically, Creatine will assist in physical activity and increase water retention.

A dosage of 3g a day mixed into a glass of water or sugary drink is all you need, there are no studies at this time to support creatine being more effective if cycled.

On a personal note, I find my burns in the gym feel different when I'm taking creatine.



  1. useful, im taking creatine now

  2. I don't spend money on protein powder

  3. Looks good, what are your thoughts on protein supplements like jack3d and yoke3d?

  4. i have always wondered about what creatine does. thanks for the info